I am an Assistant Professor in Statistics at Universiti Brunei Darussalam, the leading higher education institution in Brunei. My research interests lie in statistical theory, methods and computation, with a special inclination towards social science applications.

I obtained my PhD in Statistics from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) in October 2018. My PhD project explored the use of Fisher information-dependent priors in a vector space framework for regression, classification, and variable selection. My supervisors were Dr. Wicher Bergsma and Prof. Irini Moustaki. I also obtained an MSc in Statistics from LSE in 2014.

I graduated from Warwick University, completing the 4-year MMORSE degree in 2010. As my final year project, I used Bradley-Terry models applied to English Premier League football data. This project was supervised by Prof. David Firth.

Previously, I was a Research Officer at the Centre of Science & Technology, Research & Development (CSTRAD), Ministry of Defence, Brunei. My primary task was to provide data analysis and decision support to strategic acquisition projects, and assist in statistical analyses for defence-related research.

  • Gaussian processes
  • Variational inference
  • EM algorithms
  • Random effects models
  • Binary and multinomial probit models
  • Truncated normal distribution
  • Latent variable models
  • PhD in Statistics, 2018

    London School of Economics and Political Science

  • MSc in Statistics, 2014

    London School of Economics and Political Science

  • BSc & Master in Mathematics, Statistics, Operational Research and Economics, 2010

    University of Warwick


Programming with R
Statistical Modelling
Data Analytics Consulting


_Universiti Brunei Darussalam_ (UBD)
Assistant Professor in Statistics
Sep 2019 – Present Brunei

I am on academic sabbatical during the period 1 Jul 2021 to 2 Jan 2022.


  • CU-0304 Sciences for University Study
  • SM-1402 Basic Statistics
  • SM-2401 Geometry
  • SM-4290 Research Project
  • SM-4331 Advanced Statistics
  • SR-5101 Advanced Research Skills


  • Discovery Year Advisor (Mathematics, FOS)
  • Research Associate, Institute of Applied Data Analytics (IADA)
  • Faculty Liaison Committee


  • Data Analysis for Human Performance Research, Ministry of Defence Brunei (2021)
London School of Economics and Political Science
Graduate Teaching Assistant
Jan 2014 – Sep 2018 London
I held various teaching roles ranging from secondary teaching to marking for masters (ST416 Multilevel Modelling, ST421 Development in Statistical Methods) and undergraduate level courses (ST312 Applied Statistics Project) at the LSE. In addition, I also held assistant invigilator and examiner roles for both the LSE and the University of London International Examinations respectively.
CSTRAD, Ministry of Defence
Research Officer
Oct 2010 – Sep 2019 Brunei
I provided analytical insight into matters arising from the development and activities of strategic procurement projects for the Royal Brunei Armed Forces (RBAF). This entailed market research, cost-benefit analyses, and writing technical reports. I was a project team member for the procurement and delivery of 12 Sikorsky S-70i helicopters (US$325M), and also the focal point for the development of tender evaluation criteria using the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP). After completing my PhD, I conducted various research into defence-related activities.

Honours & Awards

Arnold Zellner Thesis Award in Econometrics and Statistics (honourable mention)
The Zellner award is given for the best PhD thesis dealing with an applied problem in Business and Economic Statistics. It is intended to recognize outstanding work by promising young researchers in the field.
In-Service Training Scheme Scholarship
Best Student Award 2005
Awarded for excellence in Brunei-Cambridge GCE A Level examinations. Subjects taken: Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Higher Mathematics (AS), Economics (AS), General Paper (AS).


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(2021). Pairwise likelihood estimation for confirmatory factor analysis models with categorical variables and data that are missing at random. British Journal of Mathematical and Statistical Psychology. DOI: 10.1111/bmsp.12243.


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(2020). Iron and manganese mobilisation due to dam height increase for a tropical reservoir in South East Asia. Manuscript in submission.

(2020). Factors Affecting Readmission to the Drug Rehabilitation Centre in Brunei Darussalam. Manuscript in submission.

(2020). Investigating the effect of load carriage on soldiers' performances using Bayesian structural equation models. Manuscript in preparation.

(2019). iprior: An R Package for Regression Modelling using I-priors. arXiv:1912.01376 [stat].

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Future Projects

I welcome enquiries for postgraduate (MSc & PhD) as well as postdoctoral research in the following areas.


Statistical Tables

Statistical Tables

An open source PDF format of statistical tables for use in examinations, tests, assignments, and so on.



Binary and multinomial probit regression using I-priors in R.

MMN Brunei quantitative text analysis

MMN Brunei quantitative text analysis

A quantitative text analysis of Brunei’s legislative council meeting hansards.

Hamiltonian Monte Carlo explainer

Shiny apps for explaining Hamiltonian Monte Carlo.



Bayesian Variable Selection for Linear Models using I-priors in R.



An R package for I-prior regression.

My PhD Project

My PhD Project

Regression modelling using priors with Fisher information covariance kernels (I-priors).


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  • M1.09, Faculty of Science, Universiti Brunei Darussalam, Jalan Tungku Link, Bandar Seri Begawan, Gadong BE1410
  • Enter FOS building, take the stairs/lift to the first floor and head towards the Mathematics Department
  • Book an appointment