My PhD Project

Regression modelling using priors with Fisher information covariance kernels (I-priors).

Regression modelling using priors depending on Fisher information covariance kernels (I-priors)

Regression analysis is undoubtedly an important tool to understand the relationship between one or more explanatory and independent variables of interest. In this thesis, we explore a novel methodology for fitting a wide range of parametric and …


Binary and multinomial probit regression using I-priors in `R`.

Binary and Multinomial Regression using Fisher Information Covariance Kernels (I-priors)

In a regression setting, we define an I-prior as a Gaussian process prior on the regression function with covariance kernel equal to its Fisher information. We present some methodology and computational work on estimating regression functions by …

Binary probit regression with I-priors

An extension of the I-prior methodology to binary response data is explored. Starting from a latent variable approach, it is assumed that there exists continuous, auxiliary random variables which decide the outcome of the binary responses. Fitting a …