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Raw simulation results




A list of length 160, each containing a large tibble() of raw results.


For our simulation study, we varied the following settings:

  • Data generation mechanism: srs, strat, clust, strcl

  • Sample size: 500, 1000, 2000, 3000

  • Factor model: 5 models with various number of items and latent factors. See article details.

  • Simulation type: Type I error analysis or Power analysis

Thus, in total there are \(4 \times 4 \times 5 \times 2 = 160\) unique simulation scenarios. The R object all_res is a list of length 160 with each entry containing a tibble() of raw results (test statistic value, degrees of freedom, name of test, p-value, convergence, matrix ranks, and random seed) for each scenario. Note that there are 7 tests in total that was investigated, and each scenario was replicated a total of 1000 times.